Secret Agent Sleuthing

Reality Coaching for Writers

In this episode we discuss how a writer’s coach can help you find and land a literary agent.

  1. Recognize how a writer’s coach can increase your chances to find a literary agent.
  2. Gain practical advice for creating a successful agent engagement pitch.
  3. Gain insights as a former agent and avoid common writer pitch pitfalls.
  4. Adhere to submission guidelines and enhance your industry knowledge to optimize your chances for success.
  5. Understand an agent’s preferences, genres, and expertise.
  6. Dive deep into meeting a felt need and comprehending your target audience’s expectations.
  7. Develop a compelling elevator pitch to capture an agent’s interest.
  8. Follow practical advice on crafting an ideal 200-250-word query email with a proposal.
  9. Recognize the importance of marketing elements—word count, title, and a brief bio—in your query letter.
  10. Acknowledge the crucial role of genre interest and a solid platform in creating book excitement.
  11. Be aware of the perceived cynicism in the publishing business and manage expectations.
  12. Explore platform building for non-fiction writers through articles and blog posts.
  13. Avoid downtime periods in December and July for agent submissions: follow industry rhythms.
  14. Seek guidance from a writer’s coach on when to pitch and understanding industry dynamics.
  15. Show appreciation through thoughtful gestures, like sending gifts or expressing gratitude. Maintain positive relationships and avoid burned bridges in the publishing industry.

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