Paula Parker Talks Biblical Fiction

Facts, Fantasy, and Faithfulness

Paula K. Parker is an internationally recognized playwright, author, and freelance writer. Her work has appeared in such national publications as Focus on the Family’s Citizen, Christian Single, Christian Health, Clarity, Release Ink, and HomeLife magazines. Since 2013, she has written curriculum for the WinShape Camp for Girls.

An accomplished playwright, Paula is best known for her sparkling stage adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility, and Jane Austen’s EMMA.

Paula co-authored two novels, YHWH: The Flood, the Fish & the Giant, and YESHUA: The King, The Demon & The Traitor with New York Times Best-Selling author, GP Taylor. She co-wrote Shameless Self-Promotion with Mike Parker and Torry Martin. Her devotional book, Illuminations showcases the work of international artist Tracy H. Sugg. Her children’s picture book, SLOW LOVE, was illustrated by Breanna King Butterworth.

Her biblical novel, BEAUTY UNVEILED; Sisters of Lazarus, Book One, reached Amazon’s Top Ten Best-seller’s list for Biblical Fiction. The sequel GLORY REVEALED: Sisters of Lazarus; Book Two, reached Amazon’s Top Ten Hot New Releases list for Biblical Fiction. The final book in the series, GRACE EXTENDED; Sisters of Lazarus, Book Three, reached Amazon’s Top Ten Hot New Releases list for Biblical Fiction, and Amazon’s Top One Hundred List for Hot New Releases for Ancient History Fiction.

Her latest biblical novel, THE CARPENTER AND HIS BRIDE; The Birth of Hope, reached the Top Ten on numerous charts, including Hot New Releases in Biblical Fiction, Bestsellers in Biblical Fiction, and New Releases in Historical Fiction. It also won the Bronze Level in Adult Christian Fiction Category for the 2023 Inscriptions Christian Book Awards.

When she is not writing, Paula whiles away the hours with her writer/actor husband Mike, visiting with their five grown children, loving on their eight grandchildren, playing in their gardens, restoring their vintage home, cooking, baking (especially anything chocolatey) and playing the harp.

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