Act 3: Writing Your Story’s Advent

This week on Reality Coaching for Writers we discuss Act 3: Writing Your Story’s Advent. In this episode we will give tips for how to conclude your story while creating interest in its sequel.

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What Is In Your Hand, Writer?

Don't put down your staff / pen!

Don’t put down your pen! What you write CAN make a difference.

Today, Diana and Eddie share 12 books they believe have impacted the world and, in particular, their lives.

The Bible/ William Tyndale
Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hudson
So Send I You/ Oswald Chambers
The Book of Revelation by John
C. S. Lewis- The Chronicles of Narnia
C.S. Lewis- The Great Divorce
C.S. Lewis- Mere Christianity
Heaven by Randy Alcorn
Heaven (for kids) by Beverly Lewis
Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
The Shack by Paul Young
Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis/ University of Wittenburg/Germany

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20 GREAT Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers / Gifts for Every Writer / Reality Coaching for Writers

It’s our joy to love on and support the writing community. This episode of Reality Coaching for Writers is all about the gifts every writer would like to receive based on the conversations we have had with our published and unpublished writer friends.

From the pricy (registration for a writer’s conference) to the practical: the best books to help with character development, how to craft a bestselling nonfiction title, and the top-selling fine point pen and moleskin notebook (Eddie’s favorite) for recording those moments of inspiration away from your desk.

There are even a few gift suggestions for stuffing the stocking of your favorite author that won’t cost you a dime and just might prove to be their favorite. Writers– share this video with your loved ones and friends. This might be the year you actually get the gifts you can use.

Writers Conferences:

Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference:
Asheville Christian Writers Conference:
Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference:
Florida Christian Writers Conference:
Carolina Christian Writers Conference:
Northwest Christian Writers:
Mt. Hermon Writers Retreat:


Eddie Jones and Diana Flegal offer personalized coaching for writers. For more information, check out:

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Where Do Devotional Writers Get Their Ideas?

Where Do Devotional Writers Get Their Ideas? That is our discussion today on Reality Coaching for Writers today when Diana interviews well published and award winning author, Cindy K. Sproles! Stay tuned for a fun and informative conversation! 

Cindy K. Sproles is an author and speaker. Raised and living in the mountains of East Tennessee, she spins tales of life in the deep crevices of the Appalachian mountains. Cindy is proud of her mountain heritage and her desire is to see this culture live on in history. Where do devotional writers get their ideas? Cindy answers, “God and . . . ” Watch and listen to the rest of her answer.

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Does EVERY Story need a Villain? — Does every good story need a villain or antagonist? In this episode of Reality Coaching for Writers with Eddie and Diana discuss why we need villains and what characteristics a good villain must have. It is the struggle against the forces of unfairness and injustice that helps a hero/ protagonist grow and change.

Does EVERY Story need a Villain?

There are four ways to introduce a villain’s POV:
Personal demons
Present environment


Predisposition is the auto-mechanism that guides your character at the start of her journey. Her habits, manner of dress, quirks, and social interaction shape her in a way that is uniquely suited for her role in your story. Study her. Watch the way her hands swing when she walks, the shift in her eyes when confronted by her boss, and the way she twirls her hair whenever he walks in the room. Identify these traits and show them to the reader.

Temperament is a person’s manner of behaving, thinking, and reacting to others and circumstances. Temperament reveals itself best during stressful events, so after you define your character’s basic temperament, then turn up the heat and burn away the dross, the impurities. Allow the reader to watch her change during the story.

Past Pointers

How was your character raised? What events shaped her? Dig into her past and reveal in small bites. Each element should reinforce why she acts, thinks, and feels the way she does. Often one defining moment in her past is enough. Be selective, show her wounds, allow readers to touch her scar. Then ask:

  • With what has she struggled? A physical affliction? Emotional wound?
  • What has she discovered about herself?
  • How has she changed over the years?

Personal Demons

Internal conflict is the energy of your character. Imagine an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, each whispering into your Lead’s ear. Allow the reader to see this internal struggle as your Lead weighs the consequences of her actions. It is here in the moral struggle between good and evil that your character will grow or shrink. Every character must go through an internal transformation. External struggles are problems that need to be solved.

Internal struggles are questions that need to be answered. As your character solves the external problem, she gains insight into how to answer the inner questions. To create a story with depth, get to know what she wants. Then reveal her motives by showing how she:

  • Interacts with other characters
  • Responds to events in the story
  • Pursues her objective

Present Environment

It’s not the “what” that’s important but the “why.” Reveal her internal motivation for the way she dresses, talks, and acts. Your job is to help the reader grasp the desires, motives, beliefs, attitudes, dreams, and frustrations of your characters. Subtlety is key. Err on the side of understatement. The more you tell readers how to feel, the less they will. Show emotion through action, dialogue, and body language. The more personal the struggle and impending danger, the more suspenseful the story.

Building Your Satan

Does every story need a villain? Yes and for your bad girl to be likable, she should have at least one of these qualities and the more she exhibits it, the greater the tension between your protagonist and antagonist. We want to pull for the bad girl because often we see our faults in others. We just don’t want them to win.

Eddie Jones and Diana Flegal offer personalized coaching for writers. For more information, check out
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Dream the Dreams of Jesus

Bahama Breeze

What Would You Attempt to Do if You Knew You Wouldn’t Fail?

When faced with a barren field dream the dreams of Jesus. A few years back I found myself sleeping in Lums Pond State Park near Newark, Delaware. Some months earlier I’d lost my job.

Oh, I knew where my job hid—in a cubicle in Bangalore, India. But I wasn’t flying halfway around the world to bring it home. I couldn’t afford the plane ticket. Couldn’t afford a room at the Howard Johnson in Newark, Delaware, either. So, the afternoon before the start of the Delaware Christian Writers Conference I pitched my tent on hard-packed dirt, unloaded my gear and drove my twenty-year-old Toyota hatchback up the road to the University of Delaware campus. I had a dream and a manuscript and not much else.

Dreams Have a Life of Their Own

Dreams come alive when we are not watching. While we’re going about life with all its worries, our dreams slip off and—if blessed by God—come alive. My dream sat in the passenger seat staring out the window. My dream dreamed of sailing the islands, surfing reef breaks and writing a best-selling novel. My dream was a big time dreamer.

Before I left the house that morning I’d “prayed on” the breastplate of righteousness. I’d asked God to keep my thoughts pure and my dreams secure. Righteous thoughts are the lifeblood of Christians. What we hold in our hearts, we speak with our mouth. And what we speak often come to life because our words carry life and death (Proverbs 18:21).

Lust long enough and you take what’s not yours. Meditate on God’s Word and your spirit aligns with his Spirit and his Spirit creates.

God knows the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11). Plans for good not ill, plans for a future and hope. One of the dreams God placed in my heart was to write for Him.

The last night of the writers conference the John Riddle called my name. My manuscript Bahama Breeze had won first place. With award came a $1000 check. Minutes later, sitting in my beater car, I wept. God’s affirmation that my dream was also his dream meant more to me than a thousand dollars.

Dreaming the Dreams of Jesus Pays Off

But a thousand dollars is still a thousand dollars, so… when I returned to my campsite and found my tent in a soaking heap and my sleeping bag drenched, I threw it all in the trunk, crawled behind the wheel and said to my dream in the passenger seat, “Come on, dream. We’re checking into a hotel. God has upgraded us.”

A good many act as if Jesus came to kill, steal and destroy, but that’s the other guy. Jesus came to heal, fill and restore. Jesus is not a genie whose head we can rub to get what we want. But when our heart aligns with His and His dreams for us re-align our spirit to His, small and great things will spring forth.

This vision you have in your heart? Is it a dream of dreams from Jesus? Ask Jesus if it’s from him or the enemy. And if it’s from him, believe he will bring it to life.