Reading Tips for Sixth Graders

Reading Tips for Middle Grade Readers

Reading tips for sixth gradersIn each of The Caden Chronicles the publisher includes questions about the case that Nick Caden, and readers, must answer. Before presenting the novel to your reader, ask what your child already knows about the subject. For example, in Dead Man’s Hand Nick must uncover the killer of an actor playing the roll of Billy the Kid.

After reading the first chapter, ask if the story makes sense; this is called “monitoring understanding,” — a fancy, term that means “the ability of understanding something.” In my day we called this comprehension. If chapter one lacks clarity to your reader, ask them to re-read and make notes of where they became confused.

  • Note any supporting details they found interesting.
  • Have them write down questions they may have about where the story is going, why a character reacted the way they did, any clues they believe the author included on purpose.
  • Ask them to read aloud.
  • Suggest they write down the chapter’s main ideas.
  • Ask them to list any problems characters overcame.
  • Ask them how a character changed in a chapter. Characters who change are putty people: external circumstances reshape putty characters. A character’s will and inner strength will often resist change. Ask them to note that struggle as well.
  • Ask them to describe what they think will happen in the next chapter.
  • Once they are several chapters into the story, ask them to predict how the story might end.
  • Ask your reader why the author describes settings the way he does, how he uses dialogue, humor, or suspense for effect.
  • What new words did your reader discover. What words might your reader have used instead of ones the author chose?
  • Have your child write down unfamiliar words on sticky notes and if the word’s definition is not made clear by the story, look them up later.

Reading is KEY to learning. Those who cannot read, follow leaders. Be a leader. Be a reader. Buy a boy or girl a book.

Announcing Book Deals!

A Book Promotion Site for Readers of Christian Fiction and Nonfiction

Book Deals LogoIn March of this year I wrote:

There is the need for a site where authors can feature all works that honor and respect God and Christ, offer online chats with readers, stream live video events, feature video trailers and promotions, and publicize events. Imagine if Goodreads married Bookbub and their offspring produced a site similar in appearance to Amazon but without the commerce aspect. That is my vision.

This vision actually came to me last year. I’ve noodled on it for almost twelve months. I kept looking for someone to launch such a site. I certainly didn’t want to take on such a huge task. And yet here I am, attempting the impossible.

This link is a sneak peek of what I’m working on:

There is still work to be done, but in the weeks ahead we plan to roll out Book Deals with a soft launch. Our goal is one million subscribers. When we reach that goal, then upon a book’s release we should be able to push it to “best seller” status within days.

When I was at LPC our FREE Kindle newsletter ranked at the top of our promotion tools. It was free marketing for our authors and if the title was new to subscribers, the email blast always generated sales. Often it pulled in sales for other books by that author.

With (and yes there will eventually be an app) should Amazon ever kick Bibles and Christian books from their site, there would still be a way to communicate new releases of Christian titles and general market titles written by Christian authors to the masses.

Later we hope to expand the offerings to audiobooks, Christian music – movies – TV shows. Not sell, but point to places where music, shows, movies can be purchased or streamed.

If you would like to know how you can help grow this area of God’s kingdom, email me.


Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Yvonne Lehman Award 2021

2021 Award

Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Yvonne Lehman Award 2021 In 2017 The Florida Christian Writers Conference awarded me the Billy Wilson award. “Let your light shine before men, that. they may see your good works, and. glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

On June 2 the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference awarded Cindy Sproles and me the first Yvonne Lehman Award for, “Recognizing Those Who Help Others Follow God’s Call To Write.”

Of all the awards received during the past fifteen years of writing and attending Christian writers conferences, the awards in honor of Yvonne and Billy best represent my heart: to help authors and writers. If you want to chat about your book or book marketing, email me:

Books I support—authors I trust.

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