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Writers Can’t Succeed Alone

Support the Writing Community


Writers Can’t Succeed Alone

You need encouragement, advice, and feedback from others to thrive in the publishing world.

But are you only taking from others…or are you also investing?

We want to equip writers to seek after the good of others, not just their own gain.

During pandemics and tumultuous years like 2020, needs in the writing community escalate faster than the words you type during NaNoWriMo.

But landing a publishing deal or selling a couple hundred books aren’t the only needs writers have.

Sometimes a note from a fan raving about their story is all an author needs to press on.

This 14-day challenge will help you take small, meaningful actions to build up fellow authors so that you can weather the difficulties of the writing life together.

Why Take Time to Support the Writing Community?

Great writers are born from communities. That’s why J.R.R. Tolkien had the Inklings, Samuel Coleridge had the Lake School, and Agatha Christie had the Detection Club.

God didn’t intend for us to sit in our writing corners and focus only on achieving success for ourselves. The first step toward cultivating a more vibrant writing community begins with you.

Will you commit to joining our mission to encourage and build up one another as storytellers?


CAN Eddie Jones


“Hello from Marti Pieper! I don’t imagine it’s any hotter where today’s interviewee lives in North Carolina, either. I’ve known Eddie Jones for, well, a long time now! We first met when we were both teaching at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, and we’ve continued to see each other at similar events here and there along the way.”

Today, I want to welcome Eddie to the CAN blog!



CONTEST IS OVER!!! July 31, 2020



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In the hay loft of a barn in an authentic old west ghost town, Nick Caden uncovers the body of Billy the Kid…and other deadly secrets! It’s all for show…right? In this middle-grade murder mystery series, award-winning author Eddie Jones takes listeners on a Wild, Wild, West ride.

Dead Man’s Hand

Author: Eddie Jones
Narrator: Zane VanWicklyn
Length: 4 hrs and 10 mins
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

Content Warning*: None

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Frankenstein Lives!

A Peek Into the Birth of Book Six in the Monster Mysteries Series

Nick CadenMy name is Nick Caden. I’m fifteen and live in Savannah, Georgia. We moved to Savannah because a few months back, on Halloween night, a zombie snatched my sister. You might have read about it. It was all over the news for a while. The zombie who kidnapped my sister (not a real zombie – there’s no such thing) pinned me to a mud flat and waited for the tied to rise, but I held my breath long enough to escape.

When I am not in school or working at the boat yard near our apartment, I write for the Cool Ghoul Gazette. That’s a publication that focuses on paranormal and supernatural events. The Cool Ghoul is why I ended up solving a vampire murder, ghost town murder, and helped capture a werewolf. (Not a real werewolf, ghost, or vampire – there are no such things.) Which brings me to today’s “Breaking Noose” article.

The below news alert just arrived in my inbox.

“Hi. I am a Contract Specialist with the FDA. I am tasked with the purchase of tissues suitable for H.M. research. I would like to request a quote. Please review the Statement of Work and quote your pricing as outlined.

"fresh and never frozen"

Statement of Work

The supplier will provide human fetal tissue with the following characteristics:

    • Age range 16-24 weeks
    • Liver and thymus tissue from the same donor unless liver only is requested.
    • Tissue must be fresh and never frozen.
    • No tissues where the mother is known to be positive for HIV or for Hepatitis A, B, or C viruses.
    • No known chromosomal abnormalities.
    • Testing for HIV, Hepatitis B & C will be completed on maternal blood for all tissues procured and results provided when available.

Period of Performance

Twelve months from the date of award of the contract.

In order to expedite the services required please return your quote to me by 3:00 pm Eastern Time. If you do not wish to submit a quote on this requirement, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.


My editor wants me to investigate this human fetal body parts smuggling ring that is using human tissue to create a new species of . . . Well, that’s where the mystery comes in. We’re not sure what the biotech company, Enhanced Bioscience Regeneration, is up to, but I’ll find out and report back. – Nick Caden