Banned By Amazon, Learn how Surfer / Author Laurel Senick Found Her Niche Market

Reality Coaching for Writers

In this episode we talk with surfer and author, Laurel Senick about the ways she has maximized her “niche market” to drive the sales of her fiction title, Foam. #nichemarketing #fictionwriting #LaurelSenick #surfergirl A shout out to #kellyslater for a staring role in the film version of Laurel’s next novel.

Here are some of the tips we learn from Laurel in this episode.

  1. Embrace reality and avoid fluff in your writing.
  2. Choose a title that resonates with your target audience and is easy to spell.
  3. Be adaptable with your book title, as it may evolve during the writing process.
  4. Seek feedback from others on your book title to ensure it’s appealing and memorable.
  5. Be aware of potential challenges with online platforms and have contingency plans in place.
  6. Connect with relevant organizations and influencers in your niche for targeted marketing.
  7. Consider releasing your book strategically, such as tying it to a significant date or event.
  8. Utilize local opportunities for book signings and events to connect with readers directly.
  9. Leverage local media outlets for coverage, especially around the book’s release date.
  10. Build relationships with local businesses and explore unique collaboration opportunities for book promotions.

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