Narrative Nonfiction with Craig von Buseck

What makes narrative nonfiction so powerful? In this episode of Reality Coaching for Writers, we talk with published author, Craig von Buseck about his newest book, Telling the Truth: How to Write Narrative Nonfiction and Memoir, and how science backs up the fact humans are wired to respond to stories. #nonfiction #writer #storytelling

Key Points in this Episode

  • Craig mentioned the importance of “gravitas” in storytelling and encouraged writers to consider the weightiness of their stories.
  • The conversation delved into historical events, such as the Balfour Declaration and the role of key figures like David Lloyd George, Arthur Balfour, and Winston Churchill in shaping the history of Israel.
  • The discussion highlighted the significance of storytelling and how it helps people find meaning and wisdom in their lives.
  • Mirror neurons were mentioned, indicating that our brains are wired for stories, and stories help us learn and make meaning in our lives.
  • The importance of simplicity in storytelling and focusing on the highlights rather than getting mired in minutiae was discussed.
  • The conversation touched on the challenges of selling memoirs in the Christian market, where there is a preference for God-centered stories over personal ones.
  • Craig mentioned the need to incorporate fictional techniques of plotting and structure into non-fiction storytelling to engage readers effectively.
  • The importance of excellence in writing, especially when bearing the name of Christ, was emphasized.
  • Overall, the discussion centered on the power of storytelling, the need for simplicity, and the role of structure and excellence in writing.

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