How Can Your Reader Become the Main Character of Your Nonfiction Book?

Reality Coaching for Writers

In this episode we suggest nonfiction writers:

* Make the reader the hero of your non-fiction book.
* Introduce the reader as the main character and identify their desires and goals.
* Present an inciting incident that showcases the problem the reader needs to address.
* Use the author’s motivation as a logical call to action for the reader.
* Create empathy by introducing a vulnerable character in the book.
* Connect with readers emotionally to enhance their engagement with the content.
* Set realistic expectations for readers in your non-fiction book.
* Address problems and challenges readers may face and provide actionable steps for them.
* Show how the reader will change and grow throughout the book.
* Emphasize the role of hope and transformation in the reader’s journey.
* Address the “moment of Maximum Angst” in your book where readers may feel like giving up.
* Provide the truth and the author’s authentic perspective.
* Offer hope during the reader’s toughest moments.
* Share encouraging case study stories and focus on positive outcomes.
* Encourage aspiring writers to share their ideas and information with the world.

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