Lessons for Writers from Tim Scott’s Failed Presidential Bid

Reality Coaching for Writers

In this episode we discuss how writers can learn from Tim Scott‘s failed presidential bid.
1. Money Matters But Not In A Good Way.
2. Every Story Needs a Villain
3. Pleasant and Up-beat Characters Need Flaws (and to Admit Them)
4. You Can’t Become a Best Seller if You Never Give Readers a Chance
5. Focus On How To Make the Reader the Hero, Not You.

Here is a Summary of Tips for Writers From This Episode

  • Maintaining a fresh perspective is crucial for writers, avoiding regurgitating old ideas. Tim Scott’s sudden withdrawal from the presidential race is used as an analogy for writers losing their way.
  • Writers, like political candidates, can get distracted from their mission and original voice. Writers need to stay committed to their mission and not let negativity and competing voices alter who they are and the message they are called to communicate.
  • Money doesn’t guarantee success; a fresh voice and a unique perspective are essential, and no amount of money can compensate for a lack of it. Without a fresh solution to an old problem, spending money will only deplete your bank account.
  • Authors may get distracted by external influences, losing their originality in the process. Think outside the box. Take a chance on new tools that weren’t available years ago.
  • Focus on establishing a connection with readers before seeking endorsements, reviews, or even book sales.
  • Writers need to avoid playing too nice with the problem they promise to solve; having a clear adversary or problem to address adds depth to the narrative. Writers should be unapologetic about addressing problems and not shy away from naming issues.
  • The hero in a book should be the reader impacted by the content, not the author.
  • Avoid making the narrative about personalities and avoid naming names. Focus on addressing problems and offering solutions.
  • Authors can build connections by asking readers what they need and offering small, tangible actions.
  • Authors need to balance visibility and genuine connection, showing up when necessary but also offering help.
  • In promoting books, authors should aim to give rather than solely asking. Trust that God will provide increase. If an author must ask, ask the audience how he or she can improve their product, pitch, and approach to helping others. Encourages authors at book signings to come prepared with the Holy Spirit’s fullness, focus on helping and encouraging people, even if it’s beyond selling books.
  • Do not give up too early. God has all the time in the world: we should trust he knows when he will provide the harvest. The great mistake many of us make is giving up too soon. Tim Scott quit before the first vote was cast. Writers give up on a book and series and career before giving Jesus a chance to work his miracles.
  • Revisit old books and find fresh ways to promote them. Leverage existing content and turn that material into promotional content.
  • Find creative ways to stay engaged. Our words, guided by the Holy Spirit, can have a long-term impact if we work until the end.

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