“What’s going on in the book publishing business?”

Below are just a few headlines that reflect the shifting landscape of book publishing.
Beacon Hill Press Closing – Kansas City-based Nazarene Publishing House, parent company of trade imprint Beacon Hill Press, will shut down on December 1.
Abingdon re-evaluates publishing programs beyond 2015 – Abingdon Press, an imprint of The United Methodist Publishing House, announced Thursday that it is reassessing and realigning its Christian Living and Abingdon Fiction programs as a result of shifts in the industry. The new strategy results in the departure of Associate Publisher Pamela Clements.
Yesterday I received word another popular romance imprint was shutting its doors. I cannot divulge the name. I’m sure you’ll hear soon enough.
And this afternoon Jerry Jenkins announced that he’s shutting down his Christian Writers Guild.
Meanwhile, LPC continues to advance into the great unknown. Coming soon, a major announcement regarding our new book selling model.

Now this from our friend and author Marianne Jordan.

“WHAT IS ONE QUESTION YOU WISH SOMEONE WOULD ASK YOU IN AN INTERVIEW?  Please don’t think about this too long? It can be funny, clever, or serious. Please send me your website info, or anything you want posted. Twitter, FB, whatever. I’ll post it under your answer?” 

Email Marianne with your question. Don’t forget your Amazon links, websites, FB, Twitter