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Dry Bones PublishingOn the last day of last week’s Novel Retreat at the Ridgecrest conference center (directed by Yvonne Lehman) I mentioned to Ann Tatlock that I should start a new imprint called, Dry Bones Publishing because, as I explained to Ann, “So many books have no chance of surviving in this desert wasteland called book publishing.”

I was kidding, of course. Last thing I need is another imprint.
But the trend in book publishing can, at times, appear desolate. Especially when you look at the number of houses that are cutting back, retreating, and pushing authors to self-publish. Okay, enough of the gloom.
What I failed to mention to the conferees on the last day was the word of hope God gave me and that word was: “Go in the strength you have.” The passage comes from the story of Gideon (I think).  (The verse is in my prayer journal someplace.) Judges 6:14
Point is, all we can do is respond to God’s call, do our best, and leave the “rest” to Him.
None of us can predict where book publishing will be in six months, much less two years from now. (Two years is about how long it takes to get a book released with a large house). All we can do is write the story God places on our heart, produce the best books we can, promote in ways that glorify Him, and trust He will send rain and sunshine and keep the pests (negative reviewers) away.
In the coming days I hope to announce some exciting ways LPC will expand our print sales. I still believe this is the best time to be a writer. The key is finding your target audience.
If you think of your book as a mega-church, then your goal is to find 5,000 parishioners who share your book’s vision. 5,000 who believe in your book’s message, in you … in a God who comes to the aid of those who went in the strength they had.
That’s enough for now. Time to go watch some football / baseball.
As allways, in-e misstakes associated with this emale are Eva Marie Everson’s fault and shud bee direecter to here.

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