Five Encouraging Statements From Jesus About Our Book Marketing Efforts

Book Marketing Jesus' Way

Five Encouraging Statements From Jesus About Your Book Marketing EffortsWhen it comes to our book marketing efforts, Jesus makes several encouraging statements. (Mark 8:1-8)
“I have compassion for you.”

“You are with me.”

“You are hungry.”

“You are weak.”

“You have come a long way.”

Let’s explore how these five statements can lead to an expanded area of influence for us, an enlarged sales territory, and an abundant harvest, not for our benefit, but for his.

“I have compassion for you.” We do not need to beg Jesus to bless our books, our writing, our ministry of speaking, teaching, and preaching. He feels for us. He is sensitive to our circumstances. He is concerned for us. Because Jesus cares for our welfare, physical and spiritual health, and vocation, our Father in heaven is eager to give good things to them that ask. (Matthew 7:11)

“You are with me.” We can do a great many things on our own, but when we are with Jesus and in our Father’s will, we can do even greater things than Jesus. (John 14:12-14) Jesus said to his disciples, “You are in me, and I am in you.” (John 14:20) “In that day (when we see Jesus in his risen-from-the-grave glory) you will no longer ask me anything. Very truly I tell you, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.”

What a tremendous promise and blessing! Jesus wants your books to sell. He desires that your influence for him grows. Our task is to make sure our hands and thoughts remain clean and pure, that there is nothing in our past or present that will diminish his glory by our actions. If there is anything in your past that needs to be confessed, healed, and cleaned, bring it to Jesus.

“You are hungry.” Those who are full and satisfied may not feel the urgency that comes with hunger. We do. We crave God’s blessings, his power, his purpose in our lives, his anointing. Those who are empty can and will be filled to fullness, pressed, shaken down, and running over into soaked laps. If you’re hungry for success, prepare to be blessed.

“You are weak.” The weak are blessed. God works miracles through those who are weak. “I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10) Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. (Psalm 121)

No social media presence? No problem for God. His presence is with you.

No platform? Our platform is in helping our neighbor.

No agent? God is in the business of connecting us with just the right person at just the right time. (Genesis 24:12-16)

Those who are poor in spirit are blessed. Those too broken-hearted to hope are comforted. In the kingdom of our Father are all the resources we will ever need. (Matthew 5:3)

“You have come a long way.” You have done a lot, written much, tried many things. You are not at the beginning of your writing journey but far along the path. You have put in the hours to improve your craft, learned from others, and built relationships with established authors, agents and editors. You have invested much.

But what have you harvested?

If we have planted much, but harvested little. (Haggai 1:6), let us check to see if God’s holy temple, our bodies, remain in ruins due to sin. While each of us is busy with our own affairs, we should check to see if we have neglected to spend time with our Father. (Haggai 1:9)

We have come a long way. Let us come further and fall into the arms of Jesus. Let him cleanse us. Let him teach us. Let him guide us. Let him love us. Let him lead us.

Then expect the seed you’ve sown to produce a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was scattered. (Matthew 13:8) This is book marketing Jesus’ way.

Believe and be blessed!

“Valley of Dry Bones” — Ezekiel 37:1-10

Book Marketing Jesus' Way

Dry Bones PublishingThe hand of the Lord is upon us.

He brings us forward by the Spirit of the Lord.

He leads us back and forth among dry areas in our life. These “Valley of Dry Bones” are very dry. Brittle dry. Dead bones dry.

For those with ears to hear, the Lord says, “Say to them, ‘Dry bone hear the word of the Lord.’ This is what the Sovereign Lord says to you bones:

  • I will make breath enter you
  • You will come to life
  • I will attach tendons to you
  • I will make flesh come upon you
  • I will cover you with skin
  • I will put breath in you
  • You will come to life
  • You will know that I am the Lord

When we speak, when we prophesy to dry bones, there is first:

  • A noise
  • Then a rattling sound
  • The bones come together
  • Tendons and flesh appear on them
  • Skin covers them
  • But there is no breath in the dry bones

The Lord says to us, “Prophesy to the breath. Say to it, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: ‘Come from the four winds, breath, and breathe into these slain, that they may live!'”

The result of our prophesy is this:

  • Breath enters the dry areas of our life
  • The dead come to life
  • They stand on their feet
  • What had been dry bones become an army

This is your word of encouragement from the Sovereign Lord.

Prophesy to those areas in your life that are dry, dead, in need of renewal.

Authors, prophesy to your books. Breathe life into them. Expect breath to enter them. Watch for them to come to life. Prepare to be amazed as they stand on their feet. With faith, your books will become a vast army.

Zeek 37:1-10

See it. Sow it. Speak it. Reap it. — Faith for the Struggling Writer

Book Marketing Jesus' Way

Out of your heart are the issues of life, both good and bad. Keep you heart safe with all diligence. Guard it. Pray God’s protection over your heart. (Proverbs 4:23)

Our desires are conceived in the heart. Our heart’s desire gives birth. Sometimes in our hearts we envision evil and sow seeds of sin. Sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. (James 1:15)

But we can also envision life and sow seeds of abundance.

Our heart is rich, fertile soil. Be careful what you sow. You will know the seeds you’re sowing from the fruit that tumbles off your lips.

Sow abundance in your heart and you will speak life to the vision you have conceived.

Jesus asks, “What is it you want?” See it. Sow it. Speak it. Reap it.