A Cup of Joe – Bridal Bouquet

A Cup of Joe - Bridal Bouquet

A Cup of Joe – Bridal Bouquet

Thoughts From My Friend Joe

This afternoon as I was driving down the Beltline toward Costco, I caught a glimpse of something in the median that saddened my heart a little bit.  It was a bridal bouquet that had been tossed away.

As I drove, I pondered what set of circumstances could have caused a bride to discard such an icon from a day that should be cherished for all time.  Had she just learned that Mr. Wonderful had spent their wedding eve night in the bed of her maid of honor?  Had her new husband succumbed to a guilty conscience and confessed his love for another woman on their way to the reception?  Had the love of her life said something nasty to her mother?  The hopes and dreams of a life together, cut short before it even got started.

Sad—–SAD.  A discarded bridal bouquet lying in the median amongst the trash, discarded beer cans and cigarette butts.  Or maybe it was a pair of boxer shorts, I couldn’t really tell.  I was going about seventy miles per hour at the time.