I Shall Not Be In Want

Psalm 23

I Shall Not Be In Want“He leads me …” Lord, lead me into ways to be a better leader, father, husband, and friend. Lead me into a life of right-standing before you.

“He restores …” Lord, restore those areas in my life where I’ve incurred loss. You know those areas. We discuss these things daily.

“He guides …” Lord, guide me in my job and my relationships. You know what lies ahead; I can only see a few feet in front of me and what I see scares the be-Jesus out of me.

“He is with me …” Lord, thanks for sticking by my side when others flee, when I am gripped with fear: when I want to cower and cry.

“He comforts me …” Lord, you know those worries that dog me, that awake me at 5 am. Please comfort and care for me as you have promised.

“He anoints me …” Lord, anoint me with your Spirit. Place your truth within my heart. May I have your courage to speak up for those who are persecuted because they accept you as their savior and advocate. May I speak out against those who lie about you and your sacrifice on the cross. May I stand with you even if it costs me my friends, family, and life.

“Goodness and love will follow me …” Lord, may I dwell with you in your Father’s house forever. May it be so.

Out of Gas

Go until you can't go anymore

There is a scene in the movie Patton that haunts me. It shows an overcast morning with small fires burning in and around American tanks. Bodies lay sprawled on the ground and slumped on gun turrets. Patton surveys the scene. His offensive has come to a screeching halt as the Third Army literally runs out of fuel near the Moselle River, just outside of Metz, France. In the dark, out of gas, his men fought to the death.

I’m sure Moses felt that way as he stood with his back to the Nile. Before him lay the Egyptian army. Behind water. All around, men, women, and children looked to him for a way out of the mess. I feel that way, today. Egypt is gone. We can’t go back to the way things were. What worked for LPC over these past seven years … doesn’t.

For the past several months I have noticed a steady decline in Amazon’s Kindle ebook sales. Kindle ebook sales are the majority of our fiction royalties and half our income. Kindle ebooks are easily consumable items. Instant buys you can read immediately. On the Kindle forums, other authors have noticed a similar dip in Kindle sales and royalties. Maybe it’s a function of ebooks. There are rumors that consumers are developing screen-fatigue. Of course if all books decline in sales we should still hold our market share in the sales ranking and categories, but that seems to slipping, too.

I ask that you plead with our Lord and Leader to:

  • Redeem our lost sales
  • Renew our hope
  • Restablish our position in the marketplace
  • Revive our spirit of courage
  • Restore my vision

The last time something like this happened was two years ago. I asked for prayers and guidance. We recovered and went on to have the best two years of the company. I pray that will happen again, but if not I need to know how to lead as we advance into this new normal.


Book Publishing News – 09/15/17

Book Publishing News - 09/15/17Barnes & Noble Same-Store Sales Slide 4.4%

Overall sales fell 6.6% while same-store sales dropped 4.4%.“Barnes & Noble continues to struggle with the sea change in the book industry as Amazon.com now controls the majority of the market and has even begun challenging B&N in the brick-and-mortar world with its own stores,” The Motley Fool said. Read more …

Former WaterBrook & Multnomah Publisher Alex Field Launches New Literary Agency

Alexander Field, former VP & Publisher at WaterBrook & Multnomah, launched a new literary agency and consulting agency. The Bindery is an ambitious, full-service literary agency working closely with authors to set big goals, shape their book ideas, create robust book proposals, and build a marketing and platform strategy, long before anything hits an editor’s desk. Read more …


Baker Publishing and Book House Create e-commerce Site

Baker Publishing Group and independent Christian bookstore Baker Book House launched a new online website www.bakerbookhouse.com that offers the discounts and online shopping. The website features products from all BPG divisions—Baker Academic, Baker Books, Bibles, Brazos Press, Bethany House, Chosen, and Revell.

Authors Question the Novel’s Future in the Face of Declining Attention Spans

During BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program Robert Harris argued that novels have “moved away from the central position in our culture.” Claire Messud suggested that “maybe in 50 years there won’t be novels” due to perceived declining attention spans in readers. Presenter John Humphrys quizzedHarris on whether the novel could compete with other mediums.Humphrys said “You’re slightly anxious – is that the right word – for the future of the novel set against opposing attractions? Read more …


Print, Audiobook Sales Up – eBook Sales Slide

publishers reported higher sales of print books and downloadable audio, while e-book sales continued to slump. With a good, if not great, first half of 2017 behind them, publishers are cautiously optimistic about the remainder of the year. In his letter to PRH employees about the first half results, Penguin Random House CEO Markus Dohle cautioned that, “we face a marketplace heavy with unrelenting new-title competition each week and a crowded media landscape with constantly breaking news and attention-grabbing headlines.” Read more ...