Pray for This Book

Falling for Chloe 

Falling for ChloeJake Marley always dreamed of making it big as a singer/songwriter. And when a chance meeting in his hometown ends with an invite to Nashville, he’s sure fame and fortune are just around the corner.

But as Jake’s notoriety grows, so do his addictions. Jake is The Ghost—in more ways than one. He didn’t realize how much he’d have to give up in the pursuit of stardom. But the hardest thing? Losing Chloe, his small-town girlfriend and the only person who knows the real Jake.

Can Jake and Chloe find their way back to each other, despite the millions of people who want a piece of Jake? Or will the pressures of fame bring Jake’s downfall before he has a chance to prove his love for Chloe?

“Lord, bless this book to find those who need to know the healing power of your love. I know not every book is for everyone, but I also know someone needs to see how the mistakes of the past can impact our plans for the future. Please honor this book. Expand its boundaries. Grow its influence. Amen.” EJ