Middle Grade Mystery Series for boys: Caden Chronicles

Enjoy this middle grade mystery series for boys, girls… even adults who enjoy a good “who done it.”

Writing a great book report can be a challenging assignment because it requires the reader (or listener, if an audio book) to remember and analyze large amounts of information. Information like: the story’s main themes, its plot, character’s external problems and emotional issues.

No worries!

Included in each book are the questions you will need to complete your book report.

With these easy-to-follow “Official Criminal Inquiry” worksheets, you can fill in the answers to the questions while you read. When finished, your book report should be thorough enough to convict a killer!

Middle Grade mystery series readers will love the challenge of discovering who is behind these paranormal, supernatural crimes.

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Why should a boy or girl begin reading the Caden Chronicles?

Novels in the Caden Chronicles are fast, fun, clean teen and tween books. Boys and girls will fall in love with the quirky characters Nick meets, their oddball antics, and the way Nick solves murder cases by watching police and detective shows — all while Nick displays daring confidence, while also finding trouble and danger.

Why should parents pick the Caden Chronicles for their boys and girls?

Parents will appreciate the clean elements and moral values that avoid profanity and suggestive situations. As an imperfect teen sleuth, Nick is troubled by the phoniness he sees around him and the lies of others that pass for facts. Above all, he wants to find the truth. This drives him to act in ways that lead him towards danger. Nick believes his generation needs to seek truth and that can only be found by asking hard questions.

Each book has some romance, but it’s innocent and clean. The girls who help Nick solve the cases are independent, smart, brave, and often see things Nick overlooks.

What age is appropriate for these books?

The Caden Chronicles are appropriate for mature sixth grade readers. Other parents may choose seventh or eighth grade, due to the fact that Nick IS solving a murder. Because he watches old copy and detective TV shows in order to solve crimes, he’ll sometimes think and act like an older teen might. The Caden Chronicles are also a great, nostalgic read for adults.

Want to help teen sleuth Nick Caden uncover the mystery behind the avenging ghost?

Complete the “Official Criminal Inquiry” book report found in each book and see if you have the makings of a “cold case” detective. Why not get started today!