Why I Wrote Dead Calm, Bone Dry

Social networking has changed the way boys read and learn. Can we keep books in “their” loop?

Social networking has changed the way boys read and learn. Can we keep books in “their” loop?

I write for boys. Not saying girls shouldn’t read or that girls and moms don’t enjoy pirate stories. But my mission is to give boys a compelling story they can fall into. I want to create a desire to read and set sail for a life of adventure — wherever that journey may take them.

“Girls score higher than boys on tests of reading ability.  They have for a long time. One of the solutions put forth for improving boys’ reading scores is to make an effort to boost their enjoyment of reading.” ~ REPORT – Girls, boys, and reading

That’s why I write for boys. I plant seeds of “what if?”I paint pictures of things that are not. I make up stuff that I think boys will enjoy. Even now I can see my main character, Ricky, standing on the sugar-white sands of that island just south of Hispaniola. I am that boy. I am that reader.

I can’t promise the Caribbean Chronicle series will change a life or turn a reluctant reader into a bookworm, but neuroscientists have discovered that reading a novel can improve brain function on a variety of levels. If you have a son, grandson, or nephew – if you know a boy who’s a reluctant reader, why not give them a copy of Dead Calm, Bone Dry? $9.95 is a small wager for the chance to change a future.

Readers are Leaders, Buy a Boy a Book

Dead Calm, Bone Dry Curse of the Black Avenger

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  1. As a former teacher and now a grandmother, the issue of boys reading and getting involved with literature has been a concern for me. Thank you for writing gripping novels for boys.

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