Those with willful pride and a haughty look …

Those with willful pride and a haughty look ...Those with willful pride and a haughty look say: “By the strength of my hand and by my wisdom I have done this because I have understanding.” ~ Isaiah 10:13

Lord, I know full well that I can do nothing without your help. You alone are my strength and the source of wisdom. I have no understanding unless it comes from you.

In that day the remnant of Israel will truly rely on the Lord.  ~ Isaiah 10:20

My Father, you alone are my help. Help me, now.

The Lord Almighty will raise his staff over the waters as he did in Egypt. ~ Isaiah 10:26

Lord, may your staff protect me and my family today.

Lord, please give Angela strength to get through the daily pain she suffers due to a rare nerve disorder. She also has a rare heart disease. Neither is curable. Her family is financially strained due to her inability to work, the cost of monthly medication payments, the office visit co-pays, and medical bills. Please comfort and care forAngela and her family.

Deborah needs a financial blessing and a new place to live. She needs a church home. She is separated and seeks salvation for her husband and children. She acknowledges that with you all things are possible.

One of Melanie’s coworkers was in a horrible car accident. He is currently on a ventilator and has been put on dialysis. Initial reports indicated that he was paralyzed from the neck down — then from the chest down. She doesn’t know the extent of his injuries, but he is in critical care and facing a long, tough road. Another of Melanie’s coworkers is having to care for his parents. That individual’s father was moved into a nursing home because he wasn’t eating and his health continues to deteriorate. Now that coworker’s mother is having health issues. Lord, please wrap your arms around both of these coworkers and their families. May you peace and healing flow into these situations.