Wouldn’t it be nice if you were gasping for breath? by Judith Rolfs

Breathless: Connecting Your Heart With God'sWouldn’t it be nice if you were gasping for breath? Not from physical exercise, although that’s great too, but spiritual exercise that leaves us panting for God?

Haven’t we all had moments when an inner thrill left us wanting more? Like when we take that first plunge in the ocean to enter the world of stillness then sound in a new dimension.

Or the inner excitement mid-point, not at the top of a roller coaster ride (which can be a mite scary) and not at the end when you’re sad it’s over, but smack dab in the middle of the descent when you experience pure exhilaration.

Is this the way we can feel about God?

Oh yes! Readers have told me my Breathless Devotionals help them do it!

God’s not the problem, we are. It often takes a tad of inspiration to get us through the veil of concern with the moment to enter into excitement of God.

Yes, reading the Bible is a good, and that’s how I began coming up with my Breathless Devotionals, but sometimes humanly conceived words oil the presence-of-God-awareness engine quite well.

How will you know if you don’t try? Just a few moments a day.  Get Breathless friends connecting your heart with God’s. You can have breath-taking insights of your own.