My Chosen Moment

When Jesus Shows Up

My Chosen MomentI’m a fan of The Chosen. I own season one on DVD and plan to grab season two this weekend. For me The Chosen puts skin on the Gospels. I see the compassion in Jesus’ eyes when he looks upon someone suffering, lost, unsure if he is the Messiah.

One of the things I love most about The Chosen is how Jesus is portrayed in those moments before he heals. Often he will close his eyes, look up, then reach out. It’s as if he is “seeing” what has happened before it happens.

Vision is an important part of the Jesus narrative. In the Garden the devil deceived Eve by accusing her of being blind to what she could become apart from God.

When you eat from it (fruit) your eyes will be opened.  You will be like God. (Genesis 3:5).

God told Abram to:

Look at the sky. See if you can count the stars. That’s how many descendants you will have. (Genesis 15:5)

God gave Noah a vision for the ark.

This is how you are to build it. (Genesis 6:14-16)

The vision God gives us with our spiritual eyes allows us to conceive in our hearts what will be.

This week I had my Chosen moment. At 6:33 PM while driving home from swimming I prayed aloud that God would provide funds for this week’s Moore Square purchases.

Each week I gather with my new friends in a parking lot across from Moore Square in Raleigh. I pass out sandwiches, distribute the previous week’s orders, and take new requests. Jesus promised abundant life, not a hand-me-down existence. I want those “in between addresses” to know that Jesus sees them, that Jesus wants the best for them. Wants a new life for them. Thus, his calling to me to buy new shoes, boots, socks, underwear, coats…

At At 6:27 PM God provided for this week’s needs. 

At 6:33 PM my request went before God. 

All I needed to do was see what already was and ask.

My Chosen Moment-Gift-Card

My Moore Square friend

Will we ask?

Will we believe?

Will we conceive the vision God has placed in our hearts?

He is waiting to give us more than we can imagine. Ask the Lord of Creation to create his vision in your heart.


If you wish to help buy new items for those “in between addresses” you can send an Amazon gift card in any amount to: I’d love to send you a screen shot of what your donation buys. I’d also love to send pics of those wearing new outfits purchased in the name of Jesus.