Print Is Back

Print Is BackWhile ebook sales plateaued in 2014, print books staged a comeback. According to Nielsen BookScan, print sales rose 2.4% in 2014, with total units topping 635 million. The 2014 figures provide evidence that print books are selling better than they have since sales of e-books took off in 2010 and Borders closed its doors in 2011.

  • Trade Paperback increased 4.3%
  • Hardcover increased 3%
  •  Mass Market Paperback declined -10.3
  • Audio remained flat at 0.2
  • The mystery and romance categories had the largest market shares at 32% and 36%


The Revival of Bookstores
After several solid years, independents are beginning to add locations and taking back some of the physical bookshelf space they lost during the Great Recession and the ebook explosion. Some are focusing on underserved towns where Borders once flourished. Other stores are creating reading environments by partnering with local restaurants and coffee shop in order to increase foot traffic. Used bookstores fill a void by offering popular titles and discounted prices. For the author, local bookstores remain a bright spot and many will find their local bookstore eager to host an author event.

Print and ebook Live On

Declines in print revenues will slow over the next five years and, in the long term, the market will plateau, with printed books still seen as desirable to own. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)


As the economy continues to improve, consumers have demonstrated a willingness to spend money on print books. That said, the struggles at Barnes and Noble and bankruptcy proceedings at Family Christian Books might continue to drive consumers towards online sales and independent bookstores.

An Open Letter From Your Publisher

An open letter from your publisherI remember your book. I recall when you pitched the idea and how excited you where when you emailed to announce you signed your contract. I often reflect upon the difficulty we had matching the cover and title to your pre-conceived ideas of how the book should look, the struggles with editing, proofing, and those way-to-many corrections.

I remember your book.


In the past few months I’ve come to live by the words of Pastor Mark Batterson: “Pray as if your success depends on God and work as if it depends on you.”

Each day I review our marketing and production strategy and look for ways to improve both. Each day I seek God’s blessing for your book.  I will not give up on its success.


Some question whether LPC publishes too many books. We know our staff is stretched thin, ill-equipped to handle the workload, and quite frankly, not always as professional as we should be. We do the best we can but that’s no excuse for shoddy work.

And so I pray for your book and ask God to look past my flaws and bless your words.

My ministry partner, Cindy Sproles, and I started Christian Devotions Ministries because we believed certain authors deserve “the chance” to see their words in print. As the book publishing industry continues to consolidate and shrink, we still feel called to advance – called to publish more books, take greater risks, and expand our boundaries with great faith.

Launching your book was an act of faith.

This is why LPC seeks authors who are eager for “a chance” to do all they can to make their book a success.

LPC works hard to give authors as many tools as possible for the promotion of their book. We study market trends, take classes at writers’ conferences, connect with vendors, and recommend what we believe are the best marketing practices within the industry. But at the end of each day I know I haven’t done enough. Did all I could, but it’s never enough.

This is why we depend on you.

We need you to believe in your book as much as we do. We need you to pray for your book’s success the way we do. We need you to promote other LPC authors and their books the way they promote your book.

You have heard me say before that silo-platform-building (me, me, me promotion) is at odds with the message of Christ. Jesus did not say, “Do for yourself, as you wish others would do for you.” He calls us to help our neighbor, serve others, and fan the flame of encouragement in our brothers and sisters. In short, we’re to tweet, post, pin, and write reviews for others with the same enthusiasms we use to promote our own book.

I don’t know why you signed with LPC, I really don’t. I do know you took a leap of faith. And for that I am grateful.

I am now asking you to take another step of faith. I am asking you to believe in your book and believe that God is at work in LPC, spreading His Message through a variety of voices.

If you will do that, reply in the affirmative to this email and I will add you to a new Pay If Forward email list of LPC authors committed to supporting and praying for one another.

Thanks for listening.

And thanks for believing in the work of LPC and CDM.


(All typos are my own. Feel free to borrow and include in your next book.)

Below are a few of the books we’ve published this summer.

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