10 & More Things to Do on Launch Day

Reality Coaching for Writers

Curious about all the things a book launch entails? Join us today on #realitycoachingforwriters today as we celebrate Eddie’s newest books release and all he has done (with the help of Tammy Karasek launchteamgeek@gmail.com ) to create a successful book launch. #booklaunchsecrets

Here are some of the things we covered in today’s episode:

* Announce that today is launch day
* Thank your followers
* Send reminders about signings, interviews, blog post appearances this day and follow days
* Email launch team and ask for reviews
* Email influencers and remind them to mention your book today
* Repost social media posts from others with “thank you!’
* Announce winners of giveaways
* Update social media headers with book cover and where to buy
* Double check distribution and price at online resellers
* Change any previous text that said “pre-order” with ON SALE NOW!
* Post any blog posts announcing your book’s release
* SHOW UP for media appearances!
* 1-3 posts on each platform, on release day, could do 1 in morning, noon and night. Make each post different, something different about the book, but same post can be shared at same time of day across platforms
* Join groups on your platforms and share your posts to your groups—some require self-promotion on one day of week, fyi.
* Create an interactive post, can provide fun facts or ask questions, then want to learn more? read this book…
* Follow and share posts made about your book by launch team, publishers, reviewers
* Trying to make people think about your book more, way to get word of mouth engagement is sharing and posting.
* Author live event on Facebook or platform of choice
* Offer to read out loud a passage from the book.

Eddie Jones and Diana Flegal offer personalized coaching for writers.
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The Brave New AI Writing World


This episode of #RealityCoachingforWriters leans into the brave new AI writing world by offering a few positives we can look forward to. #writingwithAI #thebenifitsofAI #helpforwriters #writingadvice

Eddie Jones and Diana Flegal offer personalized coaching for writers. For more information, check out: https://writerscoach.us

Move from Preaching to Caring

Turn Your Articles, Blog Posts, and Books into Content that Sells

How do we turn our preaching into caring content? It starts with:

Empathetic Storytelling: Weave relatable anecdotes that showcase your understanding of your audience’s experiences.

Understanding Pain Points: Identify the challenges your readers face and address them with genuine concern.

Practical Solutions: Offer actionable advice that stems from a sincere desire to help your readers overcome their issues.

Authenticity Matters: Share personal stories of growth and learning to connect with your audience on a human level.

Active Listening: Engage with your audience’s feedback and respond with empathy and insights.

Subtle Advice Integration: Integrate advice into relatable scenarios rather than stating opinions outright.

Walk in Their Shoes: Write from the reader’s perspective, acknowledging their emotions and concerns.

Open Dialogue: Encourage discussions that allow readers to share their experiences and insights.

Tailored Solutions: Offer customized solutions that cater to your diverse readers’ needs and preferences.

Positive Impact: Keep the focus on helping and inspiring your readers rather than instructing or preaching.

Community Building: Foster a sense of community where readers feel cared for and supported.

Sincere Tone: Convey your message with a genuine and caring tone, showing that you truly value your readers’ well-being.