Need More Sales for Your Book / Books? Learn This Seldom Used Secret

Speak Your Sales Success into Existence!

Let’s face it: not many of us are influential. Not many of us are important and popular, rich and powerful. But that’s okay because God chose the insignificant and overlooked to confound the wise.

Those who are in Christ Jesus, have the wisdom of God and the power and authority of Jesus to do great works — and write great works (1 Corinthians 1).

When His believers act in the Spirit of Jesus their message, writings, teaching, and preaching are a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power.

When we place our marketing efforts in His hands, trust in His ways, and work within the opportunities He provides, we testify that our success does not rest in human wisdom, but in God’s power.

No platform? No problem. The Lord God gives favor and honor to those who ask (Psalm 84:11). Joseph found favor in his master’s sight (Genesis 39:3-4) and God granted Job life and favor (Job 10:12). Ask God to give you favor with readers, with organizations, with reading groups, with bookstores and yes, even Amazon.

Here is today’s encouraging Good News from Jesus.

“My grace is sufficient for us. My power is perfect.” (2 Corinthians 12:9) Jesus is saying:

  • “My favor is upon you.”
  • “My blessings are flowing to you.”
  • “Whatever you need is already supplied.”
  • “My Father’s grace meets your every need in any situation — including book sales.”
  • “My power is perfect. You lack no good thing for your work. All the power you need is already yours.”

So how do we access this grace Jesus gives us? With words. With our eyes, we read His words. With our hearts, we believe His words. With our minds, we meditate on God’s words. And with our lips, we speak His words to our problems and possibilities.

If your book isn’t jumping off the shelf, command it to get hopping. Speak to your book the way you might a teammate who is lallygagging onto and off the field. In a loving but stern voice, tell your book to go out and find new readers and new reviewers. Then expect your book to run to its position and excel.

Next, we acknowledge God’s blessings. We thank Him and accept His grace. We tell others about God’s goodness. We say things like: 

  • “My book is a good read.” 
  • It’s a blessed seller.” 
  • “My target readers love this book.”

With our lips, we testify that we believe and expect that our Father is working to make our book a success.

Grace from Jesus is activated by Faith. When “God’s Faith” (Mark 11:22) in us connects with God’s Grace we see the fruit of our faith with spiritual eyes — then in time fruit appears in the natural realm. 

If God calls you to write, he expects a harvest. Begin today to tend to your field of dreams. Begin today to work in the faith, power, and authority of Jesus to speak into existence what is not yet . . . but will be soon! 


Speak These Prayers to Your Book

Father, I kneel before you, trusting that you will exalt me. Daily, I receive, believe, and live by your words. Your commands, promises, and blessings are life to me. Your Word brings healing and health, provision and abundance for every good work — including my books. Book, in the name of Jesus, you are blessed. Everything you need for abundance, you have. Go! Find new readers. Find new reviewers. Expand your readership. Enlarge your area of influence for God’s Kingdom. Freely you have received blessings from my Father. Freely give blessings, joy, peace, and hope to others. Amen. (James 4:10, Proverbs 3:1-2, 2 Timothy 3:17)

My Father’s glory is that by showing myself to be His disciple, I bear much fruit. Book, you are good fruit. Grow. Multiply sales. Increase your success in retail outlets. Produce a harvest that will last. As readers turn your pages draw them to Jesus. Amen. (John 15:8)

Book, just as Joseph received favor from his master and enjoyed authority in his circumstances, I say to you, by the authority of Jesus, you also are blessed to prosper. Your destiny is for good, not harm. Now go and do good to all. Be found by many, and read by thousands. Amen. (Genesis 39:21-23)


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