Let Us Stop Opposing Ourselves With Our Sins

2 Timothy 2:25

Did you know that your sins and filthy farming can leave your bountiful harvest mired in muck?Let Us Stop Opposing Ourselves With Our Sins

When we exchange our lives for the life of Christ, our old bodies rot away on scarecrow poles. With sin dead in our old bodies, we are no longer slaves to sin. In fact the only way sin can live in our new born bodies is to resurrect sin. But in hopes of living two lives, the life of sin we enjoyed and our new life in Christ, we often bring to life that old corps.

In order to survive sin needs energy and nutrients. Because sin is always dying in our new bodies, it needs more energy and more nutrients. This is one reason sin is never satisfied and always demanding more. In our old bodies sin found a natural source of nutrients in our carnal flesh, but it our new bodies sin faces a hostile environment—one purified by the Spirit of Christ.

To revive sin and allow it to once again become our master is to become a traitor, and in war traitors are shot. Jesus will can and will forgive us if we confess our sins, but the back and forth fighting over our heart’s desire will often leave our crops trampled.

If we wish to see a bountiful harvest we need to remove all filth from our fields and keep our tools clean.

  • Our obedience to God’s Word leads to righteousness in Christ.
  • His righteousness leads to holiness.
  • Our righteousness and holiness in Christ brings power and plenty and abundant grace for the work we do.

Let us stop opposing ourselves by resurrecting the corpse of sin. Claim the righteousness of Christ, live in his holiness, and stop feeding that old scarecrows corpse that is rotting away.