Julia Ramsey Jones’ Trunk

A Legacy Item from the Nat Turner Rebellion?

Uncle Oakel, husband of Francis (Dad’s sister) restored the trunk and added the placard inside.


We do not know when the trunk was made or if Rebecca Jane or Elizabeth owned the trunk.



All Families Have Secrets They May Wish to Remain Hidden

The Lord says all will be revealed. God’s justice calls us to make things right, regardless of who caused a situation to be off balance. Perhaps because I wasn’t the biggest or brightest I’ve often championed the underdog

It wasn’t until much later that I learned about my family’s connection to the Turners. Maybe it’s a DNA thing to want to help make things right. That seems to run in Dad’s side of the family (and Mom’s). I only came into possession of this trunk due to the passing of Frances Lee, my first cousin. At her service, they spoke of how much she cared for the Lord (first) and others in response. 

Our past does not define us: the Lord does. He destined us to be with Him. May we leave behind the skeletons in our closets and trunks and walk with him without guilt and shame. Go today and BE the Light to someone