Human + Machine: The Future of Writing is Here and It’s Amazing

Reality Coaching for Writers

Welcome to “Reality Coaching for Writers,” where we explore the transformative power of AI in the writing process. In this video, I delve into the parallels between AI’s impact on writing and Napster’s revolution in music sharing, sharing personal anecdotes to illustrate these shifts. You’ll discover how AI can assist in character development, non-fiction writing, keyword optimization, and content creation. Learn about the benefits and risks of integrating AI into your writing, and see how this technology can streamline your workflow while preserving the essential human touch. Join me to uncover how AI is shaping the future of publishing and enhancing the creative journey for writers.

* Focus on AI writing help for writers
* Personal Story and AI Parallels
* Discussion about AI and its potential parallels with Napster
* Personal story about using Napster at IBM and its legal controversies
* Napster’s influence on modern streaming services
* Comparison of AI’s current benefits to Napster’s early impact

AI Writing Assistance
* Direct response writing benefits from AI
* AI’s role in analyzing and combining different versions of copy
* Using AI to identify target audience triggers and suggested improvements
* Character Development with AI
* Example of using AI for character arc development
* Inputting character elements into AI for story suggestions
* AI suggesting character reflection moments and wound exploration
* AI’s limitations in emotional understanding

Non-Fiction Writing with AI
* AI’s application in non-fiction writing
* Feeding AI with topics and scriptures for Christian living titles
* AI assisting in logical structuring of non-fiction books
* Streamlining content before editing
* Keyword Optimization and Target Audience

AI’s capability in keyword optimization
* AI analyzing readership and providing article ideas
* Using AI for creating press releases from book reviews
* AI identifying key words and phrases from reviews

Benefits and Risks of AI
* AI helping streamline writing processes
* AI helping streamline writing processes
* Risks of over-reliance on AI and audience saturation
* AI’s limitations and the need for human emotional input

AI in Content Creation
* AI’s role in magazine articles and blogs
* AI analyzing keyword trends and target audience interests
* AI’s potential to replace traditional devotionals
* Human touch needed to bring emotional depth to AI-generated content

Transformative Writing and AI
* Using AI to transform verses into prayers and personal devotions
* AI helping in structuring and analyzing prayer content
* Combining AI’s data analysis with human emotional insight

AI and Machine Learning
* Machine learning’s role in everyday writing tools
* Teaching AI through user input
* AI as a tool, not a replacement for human creativity

AI’s Future in Publishing
* Publisher’s growing acceptance of AI-generated content
* Human creativity’s advantage over AI
* Changing landscape of publishing due to AI integration
* Risks of over-reliance on AI and audience saturation
* AI’s limitations and the need for human emotional input

* AI as a useful tool for writers when used appropriately
* Balance between leveraging AI and maintaining human creativity and emotional depth

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