Good Morning, Son. Welcome To My World

Thanks to the LPC Authors who send cards and gifts.

Thanks to the LPC Authors who send cards and gifts.

Good morning, Son. Welcome to my world.

Well, yours and mine. Everything you see and will see came through you. Without you nothing came into existence. Of course you do not know this. Not today, not this morning. All you know is hunger and cold and darkness, but soon, very soon, you will understand why there is hunger and cold and darkness. Without hunger, you would not crave your mother’s milk and cling to her breast. Without cold, you could not appreciate the way her skin swaddles you in warmth. Without darkness, how could you become the light of the world?

Enjoy these few precious years with your parents, aunts and uncles, and childhood friends. Soon, very soon, you will be a man with the guilt of the world on your head and the weight of a wooden cross on your shoulders. But today, this morning, you are a gift – a cause for celebration, and a joy to your parents and the world.

A few words of advice, Son.

  1. Resist the urge to take the easy way, the wide and smooth path. That’s the coward’s journey. Take it easy and you’ll end up standing on a corner looking for trouble instead of standing up for the widows, orphans, and oppressed.
  2. Honor your father and mother. This is the first of my commandments that comes with a promise. “Children, obey your parents that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” They are not perfect, but they are your parents and in many ways, small and large, they gave their lives for you.
  3. Above all, love life and love me. Take care of your neighbors. Put yourself in their place. As you grow in wisdom and knowledge all of this will become second nature to you. Love and truth are the essence of who you are, who we are. You cannot help but to act, say, and be like me.

That’s enough for now. Later, when you have questions, simply ask. Aloud or in silent thoughts, it doesn’t matter. I hear every prayer, every petition. You may not see me, but you will know my presence and peace. So be filled with joy. You are in my world, now. Our world. You will have trouble and heartbreak, but you will overcome the pain of this world. I promise.

And when your days are done I will welcome you back into my arms, for I am your Father and you are my one and only Son. You have my blessing. Now go and bless others.

Eddie Jones