God Gives Life to the Dead – Even Dead Books

Book Marketing Jesus' Way (Romans 4:17)

God Gives Life to the Dead - Even Dead BooksGod gives life to the dead. (Romans 4:17)

Does your book seem dead? Breathe life into it with the words of God.

God formed man of dust from the ground. He breathed life into the man’s nostrils. (Genesis 2:7) God gives life and breath and all things to people. (Acts 17:25) Because the breath of the Lord blows on the grass, it withers. Flowers fall. (Isaiah 40:7)

If the breathe of God can cause flowers and grass to shrivel and die, he can also breathe life into grass, flowers, and books.

Are not books made of paper? Is paper not made from pulp? Does not pulp come from trees? Your book is a living organism. Or was.

God calls into being things that were not. (Romans 4:17) Call your book to life. Declare to your books: Live, you books! Expect your books to live. Prepare for your books to live. Speak bold words of live to your books.

Then watch the mighty power of God work on your behalf.