“Valley of Dry Bones” — Ezekiel 37:1-10

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Dry Bones PublishingThe hand of the Lord is upon us.

He brings us forward by the Spirit of the Lord.

He leads us back and forth among dry areas in our life. These “Valley of Dry Bones” are very dry. Brittle dry. Dead bones dry.

For those with ears to hear, the Lord says, “Say to them, ‘Dry bone hear the word of the Lord.’ This is what the Sovereign Lord says to you bones:

  • I will make breath enter you
  • You will come to life
  • I will attach tendons to you
  • I will make flesh come upon you
  • I will cover you with skin
  • I will put breath in you
  • You will come to life
  • You will know that I am the Lord

When we speak, when we prophesy to dry bones, there is first:

  • A noise
  • Then a rattling sound
  • The bones come together
  • Tendons and flesh appear on them
  • Skin covers them
  • But there is no breath in the dry bones

The Lord says to us, “Prophesy to the breath. Say to it, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: ‘Come from the four winds, breath, and breathe into these slain, that they may live!'”

The result of our prophesy is this:

  • Breath enters the dry areas of our life
  • The dead come to life
  • They stand on their feet
  • What had been dry bones become an army

This is your word of encouragement from the Sovereign Lord.

Prophesy to those areas in your life that are dry, dead, in need of renewal.

Authors, prophesy to your books. Breathe life into them. Expect breath to enter them. Watch for them to come to life. Prepare to be amazed as they stand on their feet. With faith, your books will become a vast army.

Zeek 37:1-10