Dead Low Tide

1946016977Age Range: 9 and up | Series: Monster Mysteries

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Who knows what the shores will reveal when the tide recedes?On vacation with his parents in Savannah, Georgia, Nick Caden is eager to investigate the mystery surrounding Heidi May Laveau, a girl who supposedly died years ago but whose body just washed up on the shore. (And only days before Savannah’s huge Zombie Crawl.)

Once more, Nick’s curiosity gets the better of him, only this time he brings his sister, Wendy, along to investigate—and she’s taken by what appears to be a zombie of the dead girl!

No one believes Nick when he claims a member of the living dead pulled his sister away in a canoe, even after she proves impossible to find. But this kidnapper has messages for Nick from ‘beyond the grave,’ and he faces the difficult task of sorting fact from fiction before his worst fears come true. It’s a race against the clock to discover where the true danger lies—because the answer might be right under Nick’s nose.

The Caden Chronicles – winner of the 2013 Selah award for Young Adult fiction.

About The Caden Chronicles Series

Social networking has changed the way young people communicate. Can we keep books in “their” loop? According to KidSay Market Researchers, Facebook is now the favorite website among tween (8-11) boys and teen (12-15) girls. Over 90% of tween boys and girls play games online. Could an adventure mystery series that plays off today’s fascination with the paranormal be the perfect antidote to the adolescent blank-stare fascination with video games?

“I want to give middle school readers (boys especially) a compelling story they can fall into, one that spurs their imagination and gets them jazzed about reading and using their creative gifts.”

Positioning Statement:
* Mystery adventure based on the paranormal fascination that exposes the myths and lies of the occult
* Spur discussion on spirits, souls,  ghosts, the undead, vampires, etc…
* Seeks to get parents and kids talking about the afterlife

Selling Points:
* Great read for boys and girls
* Entertaining, humorous, high adventure, focusing on intrigue and suspense
* Plays off today’s fascination with paranormal events and trends
* Discussion questions at the end of the book designed to get kids thinking about the consequences of our decisions

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