Building an Army of Gadites

Bayleaf NCDavid was banished. 1 Chronicles 12:1

To be kicked off, rejected, turned down … can be a powerful motivator.

I spent most of Little League playing for a county ball team that couldn’t afford uniforms. Some days we couldn’t even afford to field a full team. I played for Bayleaf (a crossroads) because all the sponsored teams (like K-Mart) considered me too small. (By the way, I still won’t shop at K-Mart.)

The coaches put me at catcher. (It helps to be small when the only thing protecting you from a Joey Willett fastball is a baseball mitt the size of a cured ham.) And though I couldn’t hit worth a lick, I could get hit. My batting average stunk, but if I could get plunked – I leaned across the plate, a lot – I could walk to first. From there, I usually stole second and waited for a wild pitch to take third. Sometimes I’d get all the way to home without anyone ever hitting the ball.

I made the league all-star team most years, not because I was good, but because I hustled and refused to quit.

Still do.

I get the impression David hustled and refused to quit, too.
I sense he played with a Louisville Slugger size chip on his shoulder.

As well he should. After all, he secured a victory for Saul over Goliath, played music when the king suffered from a sour spirit, and served as Saul’s army general. His reward?

Saul kicked David off the team.

Most of us have been tossed out or off some club or team. Too often we look at rejection as a setback when, in fact, it may be God trying to turn us towards a new opportunity.

A few months ago Amazon banished my publishing company from their “select” Kindle distribution program. The company’s actions opened my eyes to the dangers of making alliances with “giants” and forced me to seek a new selling model: one based on God’s strategy for victory. Going forward, LPC will advance into the bookselling marketplace with an army of Gadites.

If you are not familiar with Gadites, here is how they are described in 1 Chronicles 12.

Gadites defected to David at his stronghold in the wilderness. They were brave warriors, ready for battle and able to handle the shield and spear. These Gadites were army commanders; the least was a match for a hundred, and the greatest for a thousand. 1 Chronicles 12:14.

A couple of observations:

  • “Gadites defected.” Gadites are warriors disillusioned by the attitude, methods, and bullying of the prevailing “king.”
  • “David [had] his stronghold in the wilderness.”Gadites assemble and train in dangerous and wild territory.
  • “They were brave warriors.”Gadites are not wimps. They expected to fight, bleed, and shed blood.
  • “Ready for battle.” Gadites arrive prepared to fight.
  • “Able to handle the shield and spear.” Gadites play offense and defense equally well. They know how to take territory and protect their own.
  • “Gadites were army commanders.” Gadites are leaders and influencers. For us, Gadites are:
    • Connectors: They know lots of people and enjoy introducing new authors and books.
    • Mavens: Maven are information specialist who solve problems – both their own and others. The word maven comes from Hebrew, meaning “one who understands.”
    • Salesmen: Sales reps are charismatic people with powerful negotiation skills. They are able to persuade others to agree with them.
  • “The least was a match for a hundred, and the greatest for a thousand.” Gadites advance and capture territory.

My business is book publishing and I am assembling an army of Gadites.

 If 100 Gadites each sell 100 copies of a book,  that’s 10,000 copies sold.

Difficult? Perhaps. We won’t know until we advance. But if 100 Gadites only sell 10 copies each, we’ll still reach an audience of around 3000. (One book is normally shared with two others.)

If you would like to help sow God’s truth through story … if you would like to promote Christian Living booksdevotionals, and help authors find new ways to reach readers, visit or drop me an email.

With God’s help, we will vanquish the giants that seek to rule (and ruin) the industry and return the glory to Him.