Christian Owner's Manual

Christian Owner’s Manual (Raleigh, NC: Dry Bones Publishing, 2020)

Instructions for the Care & Maintenance of Your New Life from the Designer and Creator . . .  Jesus

The purpose of this owner’s manual is to help you get the best value from your new life in the kingdom of God. It can do so in two ways. First it can help you decide what repairs must be performed. No doubt you have retained the chassis, frame, and body of your old life. This means there will be several improvements you will want to make. Second, should your new life experience trouble (it will – Christ said as much), this manual provides information and procedures for routine maintenance and offers diagnostic and repair advice.

We hope you use the manual to tackle the work yourself. There is nothing like the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment you feel after doing a job yourself.

The manual is divided into chapters. Each chapter is divided into sections that correspond to particular parts and features of your new life. To get the most out of the years ahead, pay careful attention to the manufacturer’s advice and acts: his instructions and warnings. This will insure peak performance.

Now let us begin reading and following the instructions and advice from the one who made you in his image . . . Jesus.

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